Easy to get started
To start cooperation with us, just call us or leave a request on the site. All the rest we will do ourselves, as soon as possible. And most importantly, all our services are completely free.
New customers
BattBox is the perfect tool to attract new customers to your establishment. We, like you, are chosen by people with an active lifestyle who live in the rhythm of a big city.
No need to service
and follow
BattBox equipment will not require additional attention from you, we take care of all maintenance and safety concerns.
Have a cool idea?
Let's discuss!
Our team is always open to dialogue! If you have interesting ideas on how to make our cooperation more effective, we will be happy to hear from you.
All our technological and business processes are regulated and strictly regulated. We value your time as well as your own.
To become our partner, no investment is required. We ourselves will develop and prepare a model of interaction with your business absolutely free of charge.
We take care of the maintenance of equipment, technical support and security. Start enjoying happy guests and profit growth.
We have gained extensive experience that has allowed us to form different models of interaction with different business areas. We have ready-made marketing tools and effective ways to use them. You just have to place the station and enjoy new customers.
Already in the first month we guarantee a 5-12% increase in traffic, an increase in guest loyalty by 6-9% * You can make sure of this yourself by simply starting cooperation with us completely free of charge and without any risk.
Any doubts?
If you have any doubts, we will be happy to set up a station in your establishment for a test period and you will see for yourself: BattBox is the service you need!